Mean Green Party Machine

The party season is pretty much upon us and everyone’s social calendars are filling up fast. The WhatsApp groups are buzzing, the hair appointments are booked, now all that’s left is what to wear?

It’s so easy to throw on a something with sequined or sparkly and call it a day. It’s my go to every year, but this year I want to try something different. GREEN. It’s not a color I wear very often but it’s jumping out at me from every shop and every online store.

I’ve picked out some of my favorite party pieces from River Island, suitable for any trip to the emerald city. Now there’s a theme someone should do for a Christmas party 😉


Satin Embellished Chain Bag €35

High Neck Tie Waist Midi Dress €65

Bow Back Midi Bodycon Dress €75

Barely There Sandals €47

Embellished Court €60

Faux Fur Puffball Coat €100


Skin deep

I’m a firm believer if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Which is why Eve Lom is still a firm favourite of mine. I have nothing but good things to say about the whole skincare range. My top products would have to be the cult classics:

  • Cleanser
  • Dynaspot
  • Rescue Mask
  • Kiss Mix

The key to radiant skin awaits!

In search of Pancakes

I can’t eat carbs like I used to. It’s such a shame but since my mid twenties it’s all been downhill for my midsection. I’ve been trying to be good, though sometimes it’s not so easy.

Breakfast can be tough. At the weekend is mostly when I will have a breakfast (not good I know) but what I always crave is a stack of yummy pancakes. I’ve tried protein pancakes, these just didn’t do it for me. I could taste the protein with every bite.

I tried buckwheat and banana, I tried to convince myself I liked these but I need some form of carbohydrate in there.

Enter spelt flour. I am loving spelt pancakes, fewer calories than ones made with regular wheat flour with all of the flavour. What’s not to love? Now if you’ll excuse me my brunch is getting cold!

It ain’t over yet

We still have a few weeks of Summer left, well at least an Indian Summer should be coming our way. Here's hoping. I still haven't busted out my Barbie shorts, I forgot to take them on holiday to Spain with me. To keep my legs in tip top condition I couldn't do without the St Moritz Exfoliating Skin Primer. And when I'm looking for that glow I look no further than Bellamianta's Be Bella Bronzed! So there you have it, my top tips on working those denim cut offs. Oh, and my Mariah MAC Cremesheen had to make an appearance, as what's a beautiful bronzed look without her?!

The Power of the Flower 


There’s no denying it, this year it wasn’t just florals for Spring. They are everywhere. Embroidery is huge. We have the top fashion houses to thank for that, especially Gucci. Here’s a look at some of my favourite  looks so far this year.

River Island



Little woods

It’s the little things 

So for my whole time living on my own I’ve used a food jar as a vase for bunches of flowers. I’ve been in the lookout for a new (actual vase) as sometimes my flowers stems are far too long. I spotted afabulous recycled glass bottle type one in Tesco, three different Tescos in fact, and the day I stopped humming and hawing and decided to buy it, it was gone. Typical. 

I then came across this little milk jug in Heatons for about €4 and decided, a real vase just aint for me. Food jars and milk jugs all the way! My little bunch of peony roses couldn’t look happier.

Mrs Motivator 

This picture marks a time when I had in real motivation for Let Them Have Fashion. I was excited about blogging, about creating content. It was a time when I felt good about myself. I was happy with my hair( I have issues with this), I was getting into shape(a constant battle with my love of pizza) and had just started a new job(I’ve moved on since, and hopefully for the last time). I really want to get back to that blogging-place. I want to be passionate about blogging again. I fall out of love with it every now and then. I lose that motivation and hit a slump. Today I reposted this picture and the feedback was unbelievable. It’s the boost I needed! I’m coming back Fashionista’s and this time I vow to be better than ever. Watch this space!!!

My Beauty Diary: Nivea 

My skin is my mission right now. I’m just not happy with it, but I’m working on it. My beauty posts have really honed in on Skincare and Foundation lately and today’s post is going to link in nicely with that. The hunt for amazing skin is never done! 
I’ve always been a Nivea girl. I’ve used the soft cream since my secondary school days as my moisturiser. I always use the sunscreen when on holidays and I jumped on the Nivea Post Shave Balm Bandwagon when other beauty bloggers suggested it was a great primer. (It’s not bad, but you’re skin has to be on good condition for it to work, I found). Just recently I picked up Nivea Lip Colour and Care lip balm, which I love. 
In the past I’ve said I don’t use Makeup Wipes, I don’t believe they’re a reliable product to remove make up properly. Now it’s time for me to hold my hands up and admit I might have been wrong… What’s changed my mind? The amazing Nivea 3 in 1 Micelar wipes! I’m actually starting to swear by these, not only do they remove all make up but they protect your lashes and tone your skin. The clean feeling after using them is something I’ve never gotten from a makeup wipe before. I still stand by cleansing your skin but, maybe I just needed to find the right wipe. 
I’ve also started using the Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser Toner. This may not melt your eye makeup off but it sure works well as a face wash. Never fear though, the Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover and Sensitive Caring Micellar Water step in to lend a hand. They do what the Cleanser can’t and remove even the most stubborn mascara. 
For in shower cleansing I have been using the Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash. I find this works well on the décolletage and especially on the shoulders where I’m prone to a blemish or two.
All in all, I find Nivea to be a great skincare brand. It’s never let me down and these new products only encourage me to continue buy into the brand and sing it’s praises. Don’t ever change Nivea 💙

My Beauty Diary: Foundation 

One search that seems to be never ending for me is the hunt for the perfect foundation.

Stay All Day by Stila is my favourite foundation and has been for four years now. Full coverage, this foundation rarely budges. I love the dewy finish and Fair 2 is a great match to my skin tone. A little bit pricey at €39.50 a bottle, but it does come with the matching concealer in the lid and a mini foundation brush. My only problem is I fly through bottle after bottle, I love it so much I wear it every day! I decided it was probably better to keep it for special occasions. And so, my search for the perfect everyday foundation began.


The Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation is an oil-free liquid foundation provides moisture where it’s needed and absorbs oil in all the right places. Build-able coverage that lasts all day. I thought this foundation would be a good one to try for everyday. I found it to be quite matte on the skin, great if that’s the look you like but I prefer a dewy finish.


I recently purchased the Nars Sheer Glow foundation, but I’m quite shocked to say exactly a month later I’m almost empty. You don’t see this foundation running out! Perhaps this is because Sheer Glow is water based and requires a few extra pumps to get to the level of coverage I prefer. Again, like the Clinique foundation, I found Nars not as Glow-y as I’d like. It goes on well and the colour match was perfect but not a foundation I would use for a night out because as I’ve said I like a lot more coverage. The pump makes life easier, I could certainly do without banging a bottle of foundation in the mornings but costs €4 extra.

While I was in London I picked up a bottle of Marc Jacobs RE(MARC)ABLEFoundation. I’d heard great things about it, my friend Gina of is a die-hard fan. The salesperson at the counter in Harrods told me all about the foundation. She said it’s best not to use a beauty blender as it comprises the texture of the foundation. Better to use a blending foundation brush, I was told. For the Marc Jacobs foundation to go on well, I found your skin MUST be hydrated. There’s no point putting it on if you’re having a bad skin day as it will look patchy and dry. I make sure to lash on heaps of Nivea Soft moisturiser to make sure my skin is quenched. I use my Blank Canvas to blend and it works very well with the Marc Jacobs foundation. Once again, this is a matte finish and a little goes a long way. I have a feeling I will have this foundation for a while. It’s not a foundation I go running to or wear everyday as I feel my skin needs to have extra tlc thrown in to make the foundation look good.

Alas, the search continues. I’ve a few recommendations to try out so watch this space.