Coffee Fix


Yesterday I had the pleasure of having coffee in Two Fifty Square, which is being called the best coffee in Dublin! Nestled away in Rathmines, just off the Main Street, is this quirky little building. It strikes me as very modern, but so light and airy, yet at the same time it feels warm. Being new to the coffee world, and relying on caramel syrup as a crutch, I knew by merely glancing at the menu, I would get no caramel here. So I told myself, it’s time to be a big girl now, be brave. But then I wussed out and ordered a Mocha! Two of my companions ordered cappuccino’s and a third, who is on a strict muscle building diet, opted for a V60. The cappucino’s looked very pretty, and tasted even better. My Mocha was delicious and for a while I’d forgotten all about my beloved caramel. The V60 came out with its own little pot and a glass cup and am told tasted excellent. A place I would definetly recommend, the vibe is quite laid back and the sun was shining through the sky lights. A great place to catch the last of the summer sun. ‪#‎twofiftysquare‬ ‪#‎coffee‬ ‪#‎dublin‬


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