Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! I spent mine on a triple date at Vicar Street watching comedian Jason Byrne. Absolutely HILARIOUS, as always! Afterwards we decided to go into town for drinks and The Liquor Rooms was our chosen destination.

I’ve never been before, but I’ve been itching to go since since it first opened in 2013. Nestled beneath The Clarence hotel on Wellington Quay, it is described as a ‘subterranean drinking den of delight’. You desend the stairs amidst the vintage wallpaper to four unique rooms, one is bound to tickle your fancy! The first is The Black Rabbit, the burlesque circus room, as you venture further you find yourself in The Boom Room, perfect spot for a dance, next is The Blind Tiger, a place to relax and unwind and then there’s the place where we parked ourselves for the evening The Mayflower Room, classed as the conservatory room, I did think this room might have been outside, as the walls did have some greenery growing on them! Every room is decorated to perfection, from the floor to the ceiling, nothing is out of place.

Our poison of choice was the delicious-but strong, Fraise Sauvage. A blend of beefeater gin, TLR(homemade) strawberry cordial, prosecco and dried rose buds. These things were lethal and have left a few gaps in my memory of the evening, and they would want to a €10 a pop!

All in all I would definitely recommend a trip to The Liquor Rooms!




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