Life’s little luxuries





As some of you may know, there are times when I love nothing more than some ‘Me Time’ and often that involves good or a coffee, or both! Sometimes I just prefer my own company with my own thoughts or a good flip through a magazine. Lately I’ve started having lunch on my own, getting out of our stuffy little canteen in work and just chilling in a cafe or restaurant. Working in Dundrum I’m spoiled by chose, there are so many places to go grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

My nana was a bit surprised the other day when I told her I didn’t want anything to eat (typical Irish mammy), that I had gotten lunch out on my own. I said it’s quite common these days, a lot of people do it. What do I do on my own you say? I might listen to some music, think about my next outfit or just veg out on social media, but it keeps me sane when things can get overwhelming and I think we should take more time out for ourselves!


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