LBD in The Liquor Rooms


Saturday night I rushed to get ready for a night out with two of my best friends who I rarely get to see. After a ‘Nothing to wear- Not going’ moment I decided on this LBD from Missguided

I got this dress for an ‘All Black’ dress code Hen/Bachelorette party and couldn’t have been happier with it. For something so simple, it looks so good on! You can never go wrong with black and a little lace. Of course, I never go anywhere with out my sucky in pants from Penneys, those things are a God Send! Less than a fiver and less restricting than Spanx, and less face it, who has a spare €50 to spend on Bridget Jones Pants when the Penneys ones do the job just fine. I wear a strapless bra with this lil number so the straps don’t take away from the lace detail and smother myself with tan. Throw on a killer pair of heels and you’re good to go! 

On this occasion I wore my new lace up beauties from Public Desire, I’m OBSESSED with this trend!! I love this website but don’t be fooled by the £29.99 price tags, converted to euro and throw in your P&P, they came to around €52! Still I love them and they go with SO much! 

Having been out the night before and in work that day my hair was crying out to be washed, but as I was pressed for time, I opted for a quiffed ponytail and I have to say, I was loving this look. I had used my Instyler on my freshly washed hair so I had a little left over waves going on. I LOVE when my pony has a light kink to it, so effortless, so elegant. 

With some heavy contouring using my trusty Crown Brush Palette we were good to go.  

We wanted somewhere fun yet sophisticated, well I did anyway, so we hit up The Liquor Rooms under The Clarence Hotel. I had previously been here for Valentine’s Day with Paulie and loved it so I knew the girls would too. 

After a quick lap of the place we got down to business and hit the bar to select our poison of choice. I went with the Fraise Sauvage again, I’m a sucker for strawberries and of course I am the Prosecco Queen, so i didn’t bother checking the menu for something new. One of my friends is on a healthy eating kick (who isn’t these days) so she had herself a lil diet coke, I wish I had that determination and my other friend had a Fraise Sauvage too. 

Luckily we nabbed a table pretty quickly in a romantic little snug, ya gotta be quick if you wanna be in my gang, I’m like a predator striking it’s prey! I’m sure we were putting the couple off beside us with our mission to get the perfect selfie ( wish I hadda brought my stick), they looked like they were on a first date! But alas the lights were too romantic and our pics kept coming out red. Later I snook off to the bathroom to get some sneaky selfies in and when I came back karma must’ve gotten me because I ended up with one of my friends cocktail on my lap! Don’t ask me how she managed it, I’m usually the clumsy one but I was more concerned with the wasted drink then my saturated LBD! 

Afterwards we decided we weren’t bothered to que in the rain for a bop on The Workmans, so it was off for a slice of pizza in DiFontaines and hone to bed by half 1! 



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