I’m a lioness, hear me roar! 


Yesterday I booked in to get a curly blowdry with the lovely Danielle at Show Beauty blowdry bar at Harvey Nichols Dublin and I was absolutely blown away by the results!

First of all my hair is naturally curly, but not the nice elegant kind, and second of all I have Platinum Hair bonded extensions, mix the two together and you get a hairdressers idea of hell! It’s such a challenge for them and I know they curse me when they see me coming. But not Danielle, she jumped at the challenge. 

It took about an hour to do, people don’t realise that I have LOTS of hair, but that was wash included and the results were just fabulous! It was loose and waved, almost as if she used a waving wand. This was so much better though, because curls never really stay in my extensions longer than a day but as I sit here typing this they are still as perfect as yesterday, even after sleeping on it. 

Danielle used the Show Beauty Volume Mousse, Thermal Protect and Finishing Spray all available at Harvey Nichols Dundrum or online at HarveyNichols.com.

The blowdry cost €20 and I can honestly say it was €20 well spent, Tamara give that girl a raise! 


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