The Rebel County Part 2

Following our delicious post surfing fuel in Rosie's we headed to Cobh. 

This was a disaster. Beautiful place, but, unfortunately we couldn't find parking and accidentally drove up a one way street on the STEEPEST hill in the world only to be told off by a smart mouthed taxi driver. This really annoyed us as we clearly didn't drive up the street on purpose but people were just plain rude about it and completely unhelpful. This seriously dampened our mood so we werent really up for wandering about. Cobh really reminded me of Torquay actually, really pretty place. After a quick icecream we trekked back up the hill to the car. 

We were both shattered after our Sunday activities so after a bath each we hit the hay ahead of our last stop to Fota Wildlife Park the next day.

After breakfast in Debenhams and a wander around Brown Thomas, so many pretty things, we took a walk down to The Cupcake Cottage, only for it to be CLOSED! Devastation. 

I hadn't been to FOTA Wildlife park in over ten years so I thought it would be a good way finish our trip to Cork. They have A LOT of peacocks! One kept coming for me, I didn't like that. I braced myself for the free roaming lemurs, only to see not one! Where have they gone?! I also made friends with a Macaw, who danced for me 🙂

After wandering around for a while we went to the cafe to load up on caffeine for the drive home. WORST COFFEE EVER! If you're ever in Fota Island Fashionista's, DO NOT get a coffee beside the Meerkats. It tasted like tar and was like what I can only imaging drinking liquid smoke would taste like. Revolting. On a bette note, it was in the cutest coffee cup!  



All in all I had a really lovely weekend, it was a much needed break. Sometimes staycations can be just as good as a holiday, especially when you live in a country as beautiful and historically rich, as Ireland 💚 


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