Italian in the Afternoon 

Today, I’m chilling out at home after a busy week in work. We did a massive shop over the weekend so I’ve lots of ingredients to play around with. I could have tried to make something new but my homemade Spaghetti Bolognese has long been overdue. It’s one of my all time favourite dishes to make, and to eat! 

The best Bolognese I’ve ever had, was in Italy (where else?!). We were staying in a place called Padua not too far from Venice, studying Commedia Dell’Arte. On our first day there we had lunch at a restaurant called Marechiaro and returned there almost everyday for the next three weeks. Sometimes we would go for  both lunch and dinner. The food was divine. I’ve never had pizza or bolognese like it, and nothing has come close since.

Since then I’ve tried to replicate the creaminess of the sauce with my own spaghetti Bolognese. Mine isn’t quite up to their standard but I must say it tastes pretty damn good! 

One day I’ll go back to Padua and they’ll have to roll me down via daniele manin! 



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