So I put on Snapchat earlier that I bought the Models Own Make Up Blending Sponges, you get 2 in the pack for €10. There’s a reason they’re so cheap, and the Beauty Blender is above the €20 mark (prices vary where you get it), and it basically comes down to quality. I’ve tried a few different types over the years, and if you’re looking for one not quite as expensive as the Beauty Blender the next best thing would be the Stila Double-ended Blending Sponge, it’s around €15 but definitely worth it. The first I ever tried was the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge, I was blown away by the fact it gave my make up an airbrushed effect, but that was around three years ago now so I’m not sure if it would still be a front runner. The Models Own Make Up Blending Sponges are noticeably a lot firmer than the others and I found, even after wetting it, it just absorbed my foundation rather than applied it. Not for me unfortunately.
Hands down the Beauty Blender is number one for me, it’s super soft and your foundation goes on flawlessly with it. Some come with their own cleanser, mine is sadly all gone now:( so it’s back to the baby shampoo. They’ve even launched the Beauty Blender Body Blender for fake tan. I think I’ll stick to my mitts for the time being but if I make the jump I’ll be sure to keep all of you fashionistas posted! 


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