Festival Chic

As Electric Picnic kicks off I thought I’d share my favourite festival looks with you all! I’m all bout keeping it simple and stylish , yet practical; hunter wellies, denim shorts, cute tops and military style jackets! As for accessories; flowers and fedoras never disappoint and of course, a pair of trusty Ray Bans and a stylish crossbody bag for stashing booze in! 

My festival no-no’s are instant tan, theres always a threat of rain! Play suits, unless you fancy getting naked every time you pee, they’re just not worth the hassle. Heels, seems like a no brainer but I’ve seen people  trampling around in wedges, it’s just a broken ankle waiting to happen! And finally, light colours, it’s the law of attraction, you’re gonna end of filthy, but hey you’ll probably be too drunk to care by that stage! 

These ladies always get it spot on, at festivals and IRL! 

Millie Mackintosh 


Laura Whitemore

Caroline Flack

And my wildcard, 

Vogue Williams

I hope everyone has a blast and stays safe! ✌🏼️


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