Dear Santa

As you all know I’m a material girl and I just love to shop! With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I’d share what what I’m dreaming of right now…

The Iconic 
A girl should always have a classic in her collection and this Speedy 30 in Monogram from Louis Vuitton is ideal. Audrey Hepburn specifically requested one to be made in a smaller size and to this day the 25 is still a much loved accessory. 

Dream In Satin

  I’ve posted about these pj’s before from River Island but I’m hoping to find them under the tree this year. From the colour to the lace detail on the back they are just stunning! And alas, with no Victoria Secret here in Ireland, I gotta fill the luxury sleepwear void somehow.

Crazy Cat Lady 

I’ve wanted these Charlotte Olympia Cat flats for soooo long now. I really should just knuckle down and save hard for them. But with a wedding to plan, I’m afraid they’ll have to go to the bottom of the priorities list. Unless of course Santa reads Let Them Have Fashion, I just might be in luck!

Chain bag Gal


This little Zara number is probably the closest I’ll ever get to a certain Boy bag! Zara can do no wrong in my eyes though, I can’t walk into a store without wanting to leave with the majority of the stock! 


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