Just Can’t Get Enough 

I’ve spoken about my skincare routine before, but I thought it was time for an update.

I’m still hooked on Eve Lom. I haven’t found anything better, and I don’t want to. The products suit my skin perfectly. I have normal skin but am prone to breakouts along my chin and jawline. I also suffer with dehydration, this is so common in many skin types. Triggered by air conditioning and central heating, and not drinking enough water, which I am completely guilty of.

One of the things I love about the Eve Lom Cleanser is the fact it moisturises, exfoliates and tones all at once without that tightness you might feel after using other products. It’s packed with four essential oils, and I know some people are a bit wary of using oil based products for fear of breaking out but this isn’t an issue I’ve come across at all.  The Cleanser is so natural and is just my Godsend! Oh, also, no need for separate eye make up removers, this effortlessly takes off everything without stripping the skins natural oils. 

Another product I swear by is the Rescue Mask. The moment it touches your skin you can feel it get to work. It’s described as the ‘Ultimate Deep Cleansing Treatment’ and I can’t fault it in any way. There’s nothing I love more than slapping it on after a hard days work and chilling while it works it’s wonders. My skin always feels so smooth afterwards and it really helps combat my breakouts and any irritation I have going on. 

Kiss Mix is something I always miss when I’m without it! If ever I feel a dry spell coming on, I apply this and it stops those dreaded chapped lips in their tracks. Definitely one of my desert island Must Haves! 

And lastly, my go-to for fighting those troublesome blemishes is the miracle product Dynaspot. I looooooove it! As soon as I feel a spot brewing I reach for Dynaspot and its gone before the spot even can rear its ugly little head. 

I highly recommend Eve Lom to anyone looking for new skincare products. They’ve worked for me since day one. The cleanser starts at about €90 for the 100ml and €120 for the 200ml but the 100ml will last around six months if the correct amount is used and the 200ml will last about a year. They really are excellent value when you look at it like that. Stockists in Dublin are Harvey Nichols in Dundrum and Space NK. The only counter and Eve Lom consultants are based in Harvey Nichols and the lovely girls do facials (which are unbelievable) on counter and do Beauty Room around once a month. I’ve had the facials on counter and in the Beauty Room and both are just pure bliss! 

So there you have it, get on it Ladies (and skincare savvy Gentlemen)! X 



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