February Wish List

Spring is here and there’s no sign of warmer weather. I think this has made me more inclined to lust after more casual, comfortable clothes. 

  I used to own a pair of Adidas Superstar trainers back in the day. They were never the ‘in’ thing but I loved them regardless. I’m on the fence if I should buy a pair now. I have soooooo many shoes as it is and my trainer collection is constantly growing. I’m finding I’m not as frivolous as I once was with my spending. I’m trying so hard to save for my wedding but so far all I can manage to do is not spend! 

  At the same time, I’ve had my eye on this tracksuit top from Adidas for a while now. Ever since I saw Dorothy Wang arrive in London wearing it on RKOBH, I wanted it! I have the whole tracksuit in the hoodie version but the Supergirl style seems a lot more put together and a lot less sloppy than my own. I have a terrible habit of buying similar items over and over again, that I can’t justify getting it. Maybe it can be my Easter clothes…
 And now that I’m back in the gym, hot bod here I come, I really would like new gym clothes. I’m loving the Pink Soda range exclusive to JD Sports. Sure, half the girls in the gym have it and sure, I’ll probably wear it mostly at home, and SURE, I may end up penniless and weddingless but at least I’ll look good and that’s all that matters!*
*Of course I’ll actually have a wedding, or die trying to save for it!!!


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