Ass into Gear

Goooood morning! I’ve just been to the gym and I’m sipping a mocha before work. Normally I never go to the gym before work, I use the late shift as an excuse not to go. But, I’ve turned over a new leaf this week. I’m going away in just over five weeks and I’ve come to realise that’s very little time to get my beach body up to scratch. I’ve also realised that a beach body won’t happen by itself. Year after year I say my goal is to get a Victoria Secret Angel body by summer and it just doesn’t happen. I get lazy, I eat crap, I don’t go to the gym for weeks at a time. This year has been no different. So I’ve made the decision to power through for the next five weeks. I’ve been eating quite clean this week, I’m practically living on my delicious Omelette Muffins! My only downfall has been my mocha, but other than that, I’d say I’m doing really well. I’ve been to two spinning sessions and hit the gym for an hour today. If I keep this up I’m sure to look somewhat decent in a bikini.

Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t just so I can look good in my holiday snaps. I have so many friends around me that train every day and eat super clean. They inspire me, although I couldn’t commit wholly to the extent that they do it. That’s a huge lifestyle choice, and I like my prosecco too much. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on, though I am attending a wedding on Saturday, so this weekend will be a write-off. Rest assured, I’ll be back at it on Monday and if I’m not, feel free to message me words of encouragement;) 


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