Movie Night

Ever notice that if there’s a certain film on tv you’ll sit and watch it? No matter if you watched it last week or it’s halfway through, you find yourself mindlessly absorbed by it. I’ve a few of those;

Maid In Manhattan

JLo rocking it in this modern day Cinderella Story. Hotel Maid falls for Politian guest, throw in mistaken identities and a fabulous gown at a Met Ball. I’m hooked every time. 

Notting Hill

A romcom classic. Hollywood Movie Star walks into a book shop in London and begins a romance with a lovable Hugh Grant. Not your typical romance, there’s so many false starts for the star crossed lovers. Nonetheless you’re sure to get all the feels everytime you watch it.

Bridget Jones 1&2

I adore these films! Set in simpler times, pre noughties, pre selfies, pre tinder yet poor Bridget still faces extreme (and hilarious) dating complications set to cracking soundtracks! I cringe at all her mishaps and applaud Renee Zellweger’s flawless English accent.  
The Devil Wears Prada

I must have seen this film countless times. The style, the fashion, Paris, Meryl Streep. Need I go on? 


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