Stila Vs MAC 

I firmly believe you’re never finished with your make up until you’ve added some liquid eyeliner! Often the reason behind why you’re running late and why you’ve had a meltdown in the bathroom, trying to perfectly match both cat eye flicks. 

I find the tools can make the process a whole lot easier, provided you have the right tools for the job. I’ve gone through many brands but my number one has to be Stila! No surprise there, I hear you say. As always, I’m the constant Stila supporter. My favourite style of eyeliner after plenty of trial and error is the Felt Tip. The Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Intense Black does exactly what it says on the tin. A felt tip wonder, it glides on seamlessly and stays put all day. I even put it to the test on a roller coasters in the rain yesterday and it didn’t budge! 

Recently I decided to venture out and buy another liquid liner, just to see if I had overlooked another champion. I chose the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black by MAC. Another felt tip, this went on easily enough but didn’t have the same intensity as Stila. Even the texture wasn’t as smooth. I found I had to go over my liner with the Penultimate, whereas with the Stay All Day, I put it on and left it for the day. 

Neither come cheap, Stila works out at around €19.50 and is available from Harvey Nichols Dundrum (ask for Sue, she is a MUA Extraordinaire) and M&S. MAC comes to €21 and is available in all Brown Thomas and BT2 stores and Dublin Airport. 

For me the winner is: STILA 


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