What Lies Beneath 

Boys, look away now. It’s time to talk about bras.
Hands up if you’re a 34B/32C? Yeah, chances are you’re really not. So many women are walking around with the completely wrong size bra. 
Telltale signs:

  • Your bra gaping at the cups. 
  • Is your clasp riding up your back?
  • Straps falling down? 

All these things mean the back size you’re wearing is FAR TOO BIG! It’s time to scale it down. 

  • Getting the dreaded double boob?
  • You’re coming out a bit at the sides.

You’re actually in need of a bigger cup size than you think! 
Lots of women are shocked to find after a fitting they have jumped many sizes up, more times than down. This isn’t the end of the world, it’s all about wearing the correct fit for you. A good fitting bra transforms any outfit, for the better. Your posture improves and you just feel good. 

For years I thought I was a 36B. Outrageous when I think of it now! Shortly after I started working in Lingerie I asked the top fitters in our department to measure me. They weren’t surprised I was in the wrong size but were extremely surprised how wrong the size was! As a size 10, the lingerie ladies explained to me that a 32 back would be just the right size, and they weren’t wrong. It was the cup size that had me in awe. It turns out I should have been wearing a D! I couldn’t believe it, my girls are D’s!!! Some department stores make their own bras and I found I had to adjust my back size when buying bras there, but ultimately I accepted and embraced my true size. And to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. 
So take my advice girls, take the time and get measured. You might be a little embarrassed, and you might think the fitter will judge you for wearing the wrong size. Honestly though, they’ll just be happy to see you walking out of the fitting rooms with correct bra for you 🙂 


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