A Cup A Day…

I’m not going to lie, I wanted to try out Yo Tea because I thought it would be like a magical tea that would shrink my waist along with my dress size. I soon found out this wasn’t the case, I was misinformed and not in the know of the ways of a detox tea. 

The packaging on Yo Tea indicates that there will be a laxative effect 8 hours after drinking the tea, this effect did not happen to me (thankfully!), I didn’t quite fancy running to the bathroom all day long. Yo Tea did however work for many different things. 
The first thing I noticed was a boost in my energy. It was a different kick than my usual caffeine fix from coffee. I felt fresher and less full, perhaps the lack of dairy didn’t hurt. Green tea has a soothing effect, coming from the amino acid L-theanin, better than the jittery feeling coffee can produce.

On further inspection I found out that drinking Green Tea can prolong your life, lowering the risk of cholesterol. A million Japanese men can’t be wrong! I also found out the combination of plant extracts, herbs and Oolong Green tea, helps with the purification of the body’s cell, which can fight against cancer. The antioxidant compounds also contribute to healthy glowing skin. Seems like all of positives to me. 

At the end of my Yo Tea trial I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had lost 2 inches from my middle section. Had I been hitting the gym I know I would have lost so much more. I found I wanted to eat well during the trial too as I felt I’d be defeating the purpose if I didn’t. Yo Tea will only work with a balanced lifestyle, no use drinking two cups a day in between endless junk food. 

So girls what are you waiting for? The worlds no. 1 Detox Tea, Yo Tea is available exclusively in Therapie Clinics. http://www.therapieclinic.com/weight-loss-cha-yi-tea


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