My Christmas Wish List 

I could be here all day listing what I’d like for Christmas, so I’ve narrowed it down to the following ehhh… few!

Rose Gold Special Edition GHD

Hippenings 2017 Agenda

My Shining Armor Cinema Light Box


Personalised Moët


Nike Thea in Rose Gold

Ardell Wispies Press On Black

Zara Reversible Anorak

Blank Canvas F20 Foundation Brush

Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics Palette


Victoria Secret After Hours Satin Pajamas

J String Christian Louboutin

Morning Mocha

When I’m at home for the day I pine for my daily Mocha from Kaph, so I’ve taken things into my own hands. Trouble is, I’m terrible at making coffee! This is where Nescafe Azera and Cadbury Drinking Chocolate come in. I mix them together and boom, an almost Mocha! Still not as good as Kaph but until the day I have a live in Barista, or a espresso machine at least, these will do me just fine! 

Benetton On Canvas

It’s easy to get in a colour rut with the winter creeping in. I tend to stick to black and throw in the occasional dash of burgundy or dark green or even the odd shade of grey. The United Colors of Benetton have a solution. 

They recently launched Benetton on Canvas, the first store of its kind in Ireland for the Benetton Group. The new store showcases the evolution of Benetton. Focusing on the central element in store, the loom, a design on which the season, colours and materials can change around it. Simplicity is key, letting the products speak for themselves. 

Not one to pass a bag, I was blown away by the fabulous accessories dotted around the store. Even the most monochrome loving ladies couldn’t resist a pop of colour slung over their arm this winter! I’m excited to see how the seasons pan out from here 🙂 

Ps check out the beautiful baby clothes! 

Doing it with Klass

Myleene Klass isn’t short on passion. She positively glows with pride when she speaks about her latest collection with Littlewoods.

I had the pleasure of joining Myleene, along with a select few fashion savvy bloggers for a private (and absolute divine) brunch at the Westbury. Interviewed by the fabulous Courtney Smith, Myleene spoke with us about how she knows exactly what ‘her Girls’, as she affectionately calls them, are looking for. She’s completely involved in the process and won’t put anything into the collection she won’t wear herself. No doubt Myleene looks amazing in anything she puts on!

We were treated to a mini fashion show and I found myself wanting almost every piece. Leopards and florals are key components, and rather than being simple staples, they are definitely pieces to jazz up any look and bring back a bit of fun to our wardrobes! 

Myleene wanted her collections to appeal to a wide range of women starting at size 6 and goes all the way up to size 20, believe your size shouldn’t restrict how fabulous your clothes can be. The price points are accessible too, with items starting at €20. 

I instantly fell in love with the dress Myleene was wearing at the event, a gorgeous Tea Dress with a pussy bow neckline. Teamed up with killer heels and it’s a knockout outfit, for sure. The Winer Collection is steeped in 80’s Glam, think golds and sequins and high shine dresses. It’s obvious Myleene knows her stuff and works with an amazing team. Not one to stick to one thing, a versatile girl, Myleene also has lingerie covered. Speaking about how control wear doesn’t have to be boring, Myleene has made sure these are pieces super sexy and sassy. Lingerie made to be seen! 

Myleene is many things; a mother, a pop star, a fashionista and a businesswoman! Listening to her speak truly inspired me, not to mention filled me with outfit envy! 

What Lies Beneath 

Boys, look away now. It’s time to talk about bras.
Hands up if you’re a 34B/32C? Yeah, chances are you’re really not. So many women are walking around with the completely wrong size bra. 
Telltale signs:

  • Your bra gaping at the cups. 
  • Is your clasp riding up your back?
  • Straps falling down? 

All these things mean the back size you’re wearing is FAR TOO BIG! It’s time to scale it down. 

  • Getting the dreaded double boob?
  • You’re coming out a bit at the sides.

You’re actually in need of a bigger cup size than you think! 
Lots of women are shocked to find after a fitting they have jumped many sizes up, more times than down. This isn’t the end of the world, it’s all about wearing the correct fit for you. A good fitting bra transforms any outfit, for the better. Your posture improves and you just feel good. 

For years I thought I was a 36B. Outrageous when I think of it now! Shortly after I started working in Lingerie I asked the top fitters in our department to measure me. They weren’t surprised I was in the wrong size but were extremely surprised how wrong the size was! As a size 10, the lingerie ladies explained to me that a 32 back would be just the right size, and they weren’t wrong. It was the cup size that had me in awe. It turns out I should have been wearing a D! I couldn’t believe it, my girls are D’s!!! Some department stores make their own bras and I found I had to adjust my back size when buying bras there, but ultimately I accepted and embraced my true size. And to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. 
So take my advice girls, take the time and get measured. You might be a little embarrassed, and you might think the fitter will judge you for wearing the wrong size. Honestly though, they’ll just be happy to see you walking out of the fitting rooms with correct bra for you 🙂 

Splurge or Save

For the longest time I’ve always wanted a Balmain Blazer. This sharply tailored jacket just gives me chills! The price however doesn’t exactly have me doing backflips. I’ve contemplated sneaking one onto my Wedding List as a gift, I want one so badly. Worn by many, including one of my Style Icons, Morgan Stewart. You’re not a true Fashionista until you have one and I’m desperate to be in the club. Shop Here


Imagine my pure delight to find these AMAZING dupes on Missguided, for a FRACTION of the price!! I’ve searched high and low, yet never, have I ever seen a blazer look so good in comparison to the original. I might just have to snap up one or two. North West watch out I’m coming for ya!! 😜 Shop Here


Picture Source: Pinterest & Missguided

*Not My Own Pictures*

The Clay Face

Glamglow is such a skincare must have, but at €56 it’s a bit steep to buy before you try. L’Oréal have brought out a pocket friendly version. The Pure Clay Mask comes in three varieties; Detox Mask, Purity Mask and Glow Mask. I went with the Detox Mask as my skin is crying out for a facial. Boots have them on special right now for €7.50 so it’s well worth giving them a bash. No matter what your skins condition, you’re sure to find one of the three to suit your needs.

My first impressions when opening the jar was that the clay seemed a little runny. I applied the mask with a flat foundation brush as I was afraid the charcoal might stain my gel nails. Pasting on my first layer I found the mask wasn’t actually as runny as I first thought and I didn’t need a whole lot to cover my entire face. Following the instructions, I avoided my lips and eyes and left the mask to set. 

The instructions say to leave the mask for 10-15 minutes and it did dry in quickly enough. Some may find the scent refreshing, but I wasn’t too keen on it. After the set amount of time I wiped the mask off with a damp face cloth. It turned it completely BLACK and as much as I tried to rinse it, I had to put the face cloth straight into the washing machine after. 

I was happy enough with the results. My face felt super soft afterwards. I did find my skin broke out a little the next day, but that’s to be expected when a mask’s main objective is to draw imperfections to the surface. L’Oréal suggests using the mask three times a week for best results. I’ll keep you guys updated as to how I get on 🙂 

Stila Vs MAC 

I firmly believe you’re never finished with your make up until you’ve added some liquid eyeliner! Often the reason behind why you’re running late and why you’ve had a meltdown in the bathroom, trying to perfectly match both cat eye flicks. 

I find the tools can make the process a whole lot easier, provided you have the right tools for the job. I’ve gone through many brands but my number one has to be Stila! No surprise there, I hear you say. As always, I’m the constant Stila supporter. My favourite style of eyeliner after plenty of trial and error is the Felt Tip. The Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Intense Black does exactly what it says on the tin. A felt tip wonder, it glides on seamlessly and stays put all day. I even put it to the test on a roller coasters in the rain yesterday and it didn’t budge! 

Recently I decided to venture out and buy another liquid liner, just to see if I had overlooked another champion. I chose the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black by MAC. Another felt tip, this went on easily enough but didn’t have the same intensity as Stila. Even the texture wasn’t as smooth. I found I had to go over my liner with the Penultimate, whereas with the Stay All Day, I put it on and left it for the day. 

Neither come cheap, Stila works out at around €19.50 and is available from Harvey Nichols Dundrum (ask for Sue, she is a MUA Extraordinaire) and M&S. MAC comes to €21 and is available in all Brown Thomas and BT2 stores and Dublin Airport. 

For me the winner is: STILA 

Summer Read 

By pure chance I happened to find the ultimate Summer Book at the airport. After perusing the shelves of W H Smith I came across Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. A thrill-lit to rival Gone Girl and Girl On The Train, Luckiest Girl Alive has many twists and secrets to expose. I loved the Fashion references throughout the book, think a much darker Devil Wears Prada. It was most definitely one of those books you can’t put down, I finished it a few days into my holiday. All I can say is; roll on Knoll’s next book!!